About our prices

No, we are not the cheapest portrait photographer in town. We ARE, however, one of the best!  We are not a big chain photographer with the goal of getting as many clients in and out the door as possible.  We take our time with you and really listen to what you want to achieve.  We offer free consultation sessions and viewing sessions so that we can help you – step by step – create beautiful portraits of yourself or your family that you will cherish for generations.


That being said, we are also not the most expensive photographer in town!  We know that photography is an investment – that it’s not just about the end product, but the experience as a whole and time involved in creating perfect memories from start to finish.  But we also know you need to be wise about your investment.  We strive very hard to keep our prices competitive while still being profitable for our studio.  We believe we have found a happy medium where you, and we, can get what we need and want.


Our portrait clients typically invest between $600 to $800 in their portrait experience with us.  This includes the session fee AND prints or products.  

Our weddings start at $1500 for a basic, CD only package and go up to $4900 for our all inclusive, everything you could want package. (<--This truly is the Beast-Of-All-Wedding-Packages!)

Bottom line, we have many packages and options to choose from and are happy to help customize the perfect experience for you!  Contact us to schedule a consultation for either a wedding or portrait session!